Sunday, October 10, 2010

Exotic cars seen part 2

Well not many since last part, but wait for the end!

Ford Focus RS - again, two of them green and white.

BMW M6 Cabrio - One of the ugliest and one of the best looking BMW's. Why? The back is ugly as hell, but the front is lovely, not usual. 507bhp, but it costs about 525 000zł (181k $). I can have Nissan GT-R for sth over 325 000zl (112k $), which is better looking and faster.

BMW M3 - One of few BMW I really like. In red, 420bhp.


Lamborghini Gallardo - Lambos aren't very often sight in my city, it's my second Lambo seen live. I spotted it at 5 AM and it was on the truck actually. It's a rental car. But still, wonderful car, wonderful styling. In white, 500bhp (or more).
It's the exact one as this on the photos.


  1. wow is the very nice car the lamborgini

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  4. very beutiful car :d

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