Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Album review n°1 - Godspeed You! Black Emperor - "F♯A♯∞"

If you are not familiar with GY!BE I feel really sorry for you and you should go and listen to it immidietly.
They've split up few years ago, but they've merged in 2010 and announced their tour!

I'm gonna review one of the oldest albums and one of my  favorites!

F♯A♯∞ (1997) 

1. The Dead Flag Blues  16:27
2. East Hastings   17:58
3. Providence   29:02

Total:  63:30
(and yeah those are minutes)
Genre: Post Rock, Alternative, Apocaliptic

The Dead Flag Blues - It starts of with fantastic monologue. "The skyline was beautiful on fire". Gently changes from ambient background to violin. Then a simple, soothing guitar rhytm. The man talking here and there. Train sounds, and the music starts to be a little bit more dark. 9:30 and the metamorphosis begins.At 10:20 the pace is slowing and brightening. It becomes a slow ballad - fanatastic. But then it gets better - it's getting faster and more intense. 14:30 the music stops for a second and then my favorite moment starts. Outstanding violin/cello + cymbals combination.

It's a fantastic work of art, like most of GY!BE tracks. Beautifuly put together and combined. I was quite bored only for a short while, before 9:30.


East Hastings - Scottish pipes beggining with a man shouting on a street. The tempo is climbing, then chages a little bit into the most amazing piece of music ever created. Riff continues and becomes even better. It's so fantastic, I can't even decribe. 8:25 - quiet whispering. 9:20 here comes the culmination. I said before it's the best thing ever - this is 10 times better. It fucking drips with honey and epicness. Faster and faster, til the awesomeness stops, after a drum smash. For five more minutes music continues (ambient, darker, more climactic).

This is the song I could have died and I wouldn't even notice. Certainly the best post rock song ever done and one of my fav songs ever. Also it was used in 28 days later.


Providence - I wanted to give this song less than 9. Its not as well put together, composed. There are some moments I don't quite like. But I can't. These wonderful moments let you forget about these dissapointing and enjoy them fully. Best moments: 6:10 - all the way to - 10:35, 12:00 - 16:40.


Overall score: 9,5 - masterpiece.


  1. This album is amazing. Nice post.

  2. sounds good. going to have to check it out.

  3. holy shat. i think ill have a listen

  4. WOW, This is epic! thank you for pointing out!!!

  5. Going to have to seriously check these guys out given your review of them. Thanks for sharing.