Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New series - "Cool cars seen today"

I usually seek for some cool, fast cars everyday. And because in my city there are more and more of them I shall do a list everyday (if I spot some) and share it with you.

Ford Focus RS - my dream car, in lime green, nice sound. 305bhp.

 Mercedes SL63 AMG - I see it very often, in white - looks agressive! 612 bhp.

Mercedes SL55 AMG Cabrio - in black and a beautiful sound of a V8. 500 bhp

Lumma BMW X6M - X6 is on every corner of the street, but a Lumma one is very rare. I still think it's an ugly car. In white-black. 670 bhp.On ukrainian plates.


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  2. All very nice cars and some that I would own if I could.

  3. I will took the mercedes... So cool :D

  4. Although I do not enjoy cars, I do enjoy the scenery in which they are placed. That is all.

  5. i wanna afford one of these bad boys

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