Thursday, October 21, 2010

Worst looking exotic cars part 3

No review yet, but still.

This is kinda special episode: places 1-5 are all MANSORY tuning company cars - the worst one. Last one (0) - by another tuner.

What the've done with these beautiful cars is horrendous! Main problem - lack of taste and sense of style. And these exhaust pipes...

5. Aston Martin
- Cyrus

Mmm carbon and a fuckin' square bucket.

- V8 Vantage/DB9

You should see the back and in diffrent color.

4. Bentley

- Vitesse Rose  
Nuff said.

-Continental GT/ any other

In diffrent colors is not that bad, but the exhaust pipes kill me hard.

3. Bugatti Linea D'oro

Gold, so much gold. Interior is even worse.

2. Porsche
- Cayenne Chopster

When you fit difftent wheels and make the paint look less gay it looks better than the standard one.

- Panamera

You know this fella.

1. Range Rover Sport

OMG they've killed the royality of this car so badly.

0. ASMA Perfectus SLR


Oh forgot about Merc Mclaren SLR Renovatio.

Main problem - too much gold and the scary interior.