Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beer review 26.10.2010 - Grand Imprerial Porter


Porter, 8.0% vol, pasterized, extract: 18.1%, 0,5 l,  Amber Brewery.

Bottle, design: 10/10 - Just look at it. Dark, grim, stylish and simple at the same time. Matches the beer very well.It's a little bit taller than the standard bottle.

Color: 10/10 - Black as devil's ass. Even looking at it front of strong light you won't see any change of color (well maybe a little bit on the top). This is how the porter should look like.

Photo used from blog - http://terazpiwo.blogspot.com

Foam: 8/10 - I have a little problem here. So I'm drinking it while I write. And I wanted to pour it to the glass like porter should be poured - at first by the side and then shake the rest of it in the bottle and pour it as you normally would. But I left to small amount of beer in the bottle and the foam wasn't that impressive. Though I heard it has an amazing foam, still and tough, when you do it properly. Nice brown-coffee color and good taste. But it doesn't last as long as in Murphy's for example.

Taste: 9/10 - I don't drink so many porters and dark beers, so I'm not used to the taste. But it was good, certainly better than Murphy's. I expected a mind blowing bitterness, but i was kinda mild, with burned seeds aftertaste. On the bottle it says "perfect for gourment desserts and especially dark chocolate". Well it's not horribly bitter, but still I would rather eat a chocolate cake with ths beer for example.

Price/Quality value: 8,5/10 - It's not cheap. It costs 4,5-5zl. To make it undertandable normal pils, 0.5l, 5-6% vol, costs 2-3 zl, so it's twice as expensive. But the quality and etiquette evens everything.

Overall: 9/10 - so excellent, the Satan himself drinks it.


  1. I love dark beer. I might pick this brew up on Friday.

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  3. May have to give this a try. Not a huge fan of beer but what the hell my birthday is coming up.

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