Monday, September 20, 2010

Worst looking cars: Sports/Fast cars (part 2)

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Part 2 (prolly out of 3) of worst looking sports cars!

5. Porsche Panamera 
May not look SO ugly at first, but try looking at it few times more. The lazy Porsche designers took 911, stretched it, made some little changes. And here you are.
(I know it's not a typical sports car, but can have 300-500bhp, so you see)

4. Ferrari Enzo (sometimes called F60)
Great car, but my bathroom sponge looks better. Judging by the "nose" it was supposed to be styled like F1 car. But that didn't work out so well (Mercedes SLR, was styled in similar fashion and I didn't like the "nose" either).

3. Audi TT 3.2 Quattro
The first edition was horrid, it was Audi's VW Beetle. In addition the people, who drive them, are either blond slutty chicks or guido, hair-gel-is-the-best type guys.

2. Bugatti EB110
Nothing to say. Or... WHO, FOR THE LOVE OF FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER, DESIGNED THE FRONT LIGHTS? And what the hell is that hole below the Bugatti sign? I guess a GRILL.

1. Aston Martin Bulldog Concept
I think it was supposed to be a vision on how the future cars will look like. Thank God that horror didn't come true. The guy who made it, probably had only a ruler and a pencil. Hopefully, they(?) now make MUCH prettier cars.

Mansory Porsche Panamera aka "Mansory is the worst tuning company ever"
Quoting Top Gear: 'Doesn't the standard Panamera suddenly look a whole lot better?"


  1. Uglier than my mom!

  2. I actually rather like that Aston design. >_>

  3. That Aston Martin is horrendous.

  4. That porsche is a beauty. Thank god indeed that car was never made.

  5. These cars don`t look so bad.. The Porsche looks good, audi looks good even the enzo looks good. I don`t like the look of the aston martin... That`s a worst looking car I ever seen.. but nice post.. supportin!

  6. Porsche doesn't look that bad I agree. But it's supposed to be a sports sedan, not a fat lump. And the main thing I don't like at it, it's designers lazieness. And Audi and Enzo? Are you kiding me? I would say they are even uglier than Bulldog...