Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Best beers, I've had the pleasure to drink (part 1)

You may not recognize most of them, cause these are polish, german and usually european ones (read: the best).
But maybe if you'll find one in your shop (somehow?) buy it! And pour it inside of you!

Dark beer, stout:

Amber Brewery (Poland), 6,5% vol, bock.
Just drank it. It's soooooo good. Quite expensive - 4,5zł (1,5$) - normal beers cost around 2-3zł (0.70$ - 1$) here. But well worth it. Nice brown foam, amber-red colour. In taste - little bit more bitter than lagers, but very well balanced.

Czewony Smok (Red Dragon)
Fortuna Brewery (Poland), 6,2% vol, dark full.
Costs around 2,5zł so it's cheap. And it's one of my favorite beers. Amber-red colour. In taste bitter with little bit vanilla(?). Good combination.

Magor (?)(Ireland),  (dunno) % vol, dry stout.
Haven't drank many stouts, but this was kinda good. Dark as your mother's teeth, fanatastic foam (you must cut it with a knife), good taste, bitter, maybe little bit too watery. Not many info, cause I drank it in a pub (very expensive - 9zł).

Lager, pilzener:

Perła Chmielowa (Hop Pearl)
Lubelskie Brewery (Poland), 6% vol, pils.
Common beer in Poland, you can buy it in every shop for around 2 -2,8zł. But it's very very good. My everyday beer. Good foam, soothing, yet strong hop taste.

Noteckie Jasne Pils (Noteckie Pale Pilsener)
Czarnków Brewery (Poland), 5,6% vol, pils, unpasteurized.
330ml bottle for 2,6zł, rare one. Voted the best beer in Poland of 2009 and it deserves it. And I really like the old-styled etiqutte. I taste quite similar to Perła, but is less "hoppy".

More soon, btw the pictures are not mine. I drink beer faster than I can photograph them.


  1. I want to travel all over europe to have the best beer in the world.

  2. I don´t know about beers but In my Country, almost everyone drinks TEKATE and CORONA xD

  3. Drink Newcastle Brown Ale.

    Nothing else.


    Beautiful blog brah.

  4. Now I have somewhere to go to get some knowledge on some stuff. Great Blog.

    Following and showing support.

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  7. Outstanding review, man.

    lol'd hard at the Murphy's part :D