Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Worst looking cars: Sports/Fast cars (part 1)

As I couldn't find my mom's recipe, I have to do sth else for today...you must deal with it!
And it would be first part of the ugliest list ever. Don't even look, or you might turn blind. Oh yes, cars again.

Starting of from little bit less scary stuff:

5. Ferrari F50
Made on the 50th Ferrari anniversary. I prefered 40th one. It's not only ugly, but also rubbish. Let's only hope, 70th will bring us something worth F40, because F60 (Enzo) is even uglier (in next part).

4. Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
Brillant touring 4-seater. It lacks only one thing - the looks. It's the symbol for Maranello stable in 90s and 00s. Great, but designed by a blind man, who also is paralyzed from neck to feet.

3.  BMW Z8
Looks even worse than Z3. I don't care it's good and have 400bhp. It's fuuuuugly.

Warning! Looking at following content may cause injury or death. Scroll down at your own risk!

Are you sure?

Don't do that!

I warned you.

2. Mitsuoka Orochi
 Also known as the fish-car. It's also not very fast. But it looks like it can be a sports car. I can understand that Japansese people like sea food, it's healthy and so on, but I'd rather kill myself than own this monstrosity.

And the winner for this part is:

1. Webster Faster One
I don't know what to say, just fucking look at it. I heard it's so ugly, because they went for aerodynamics and it's actually very fast. So I must ask, why it was listed in "The top 10 crappiest supercars" by Top Gear?
You should also check out the back of this car (I won't put a picture cause I can't stand it). And BTW, the name is crappy too.


  1. WTF that last one is in no way aerodynamic.

  2. I thought the same thing, but it does 0-100km/h in 2,5s so maybe it is...

  3. ill probably never see a car like these in real life.

  4. why dont people make cute cars???
    also followed + supported!

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  6. This post has piqued my interests

  7. OMg so super CARS
    i need a bike :))

  8. Yeah, I agree. #2 might look fine if all those bumps weren't there.

  9. Sports cars are so great :D too bad my bike pwns them all <3

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  11. I actually like the look of the 2 ferrari :0

  12. One of the ugliest cars ever: AMC Pacer
    Sorry Wayne and Garth.

  13. I was never much of a Ferrari guy.. always been the Jag guy. The XJR220(Which they don't even make anymore)... *drool*

    Supportin' as always!

  14. Some of them cars look great !:D

    Help me spread some knowledge,thank you:

  15. those car where super in there days,
    Supp mate.

  16. @Multi-platform-multi-genre Gamer, yeah you could beat some of them.
    I like bikes, but they don't do very well on the track.

    @Cynthia yes, they are not very eyesore cars, but their design fails. It's tasteless, dull, boring - and these are the worst things in looks imo.

  17. no ta,ale wyjedź takim u nas na droge

  18. @autor: W sensie, że takim brzydkim, czy że sportowym wozem? Bo jeśli to drugie to nie widzę problemu. Większość ma podwyższane zawieszenie i dopóki nie jeździsz po górskich drogach będzie ok. Sporo tego już po Polsce jeździ.

  19. hey man, hope your day was better than mine with one of my dogs dying.

  20. I honestly think the fish-mobile looks worse, at least no.1 looks like it could be a concept race car.

  21. that last car is souley based on performance. it looks like a piece of shit but flat black can make anything nice :) especially if its flying past you in a turn!

  22. ferrari is my favorite car!



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  24. Nice car... im still driving a pinto lol

  25. I am always wondering that the Italians can build such nice car.