Monday, September 13, 2010


Sorry I wasn't writing for some time. And I didn't have much time to check out my followers blogs, as I usually do. I was heavy drinking with my friends and in result of that I had been sleeping til' 3PM and my still drunk organism was so lazy that I didn't even manage to write a single word.

I tried to write about best looking Aston Martin's ever (since it's less time consuming than reviews), but I couldn't decide which ones to choose, because let's be honest, they look great, but kinda similar.
So...tomorrow I'll maybe write something about cooking (recipe maybe) or some music album review. And ofc I'll try to take a look at your blogs ;)

Meanwhile, I got an advise for you: if you want to get rid of hangover - you must drink alcohol all the time! ;)
And I got  few more cool pictures/wallpaper for you!  (click to enlarge)
First two are by Zbigniew BeksiƄski - a god of art from Poland. The others are from Omen2501 again, and by some other artist who's name I forgot. Enjoy.


  1. nice advices,daily supportin'

  2. Water and time, don't let anyone tell you different. lol

    Sweet wallpapers.


  3. great page drop me a line sometime

  4. great blog!!! You should check out mine :)

  5. i agree the best way to get rid of a hangover is to make sure you are never sober lol

  6. Supporting.

    Visit my blog(s) please :)

  7. Well at least you had an awesome time!