Friday, June 10, 2011

Exotic/Rare cars seen (part 8)

Cadillac Fleetwood ('71)
Belongs to ambassador of Thailand in Poland (I was at a muay thai battle). Old, amercan, luxury cruiser.

Two engine choices: 7.7L and 8.2L - typical for amercian cars, devoloping respectively 375hp and 400hp. Quite a power, but since is weights 5,213 lb (2,365 kg) it wasn't very quick (especcialy with 4 speed automatic gearbox).

The car is for you if: you like old cars and woobly limousins from 70s and 80s.
Price: 6000$ - 13000$

BMW M3 E46 ('01)
Spotted at my university's parking - it must have been, some professor's car, cause students are poor and spend all their money on alcohol, not on cars like THIS.

3.2L straight 6 engine producing 338hp. This power helps this honestly great looking BMW to do 191 mph (delimited) and 5.1s to 62mph.

The car is for you if: you adore speeeeeeeeeed and naturaly aspirated engines. And german relability of course.

Price: 15 000$ - 26 000$

Jaguar XKR ('06)
With the new XK, Jags started to look good again. And it's not only the styling it's so exciting, it's the power!

5.0L supercharged V8, 510hp, 4.6s to 62mph, comfortable, luxury coupe you can use everyday - what more can you have? XKR is the middle model, between XK with about 385hp and the new XKR-S which has more oomph and unlocks the top speed limiter (to 186mph).

The car is for you if: you love british madness and luxury.

Price: 100 000$ (new) - in Poland it's 130 000 euro - which is almost 2 times more.

Bentley Continental GTC Speed ('09)
I'm aware that most Bentleys are driven by rich twats, but I quite like this car (even the looks). It competes with Rolls-Royce, but it's out of Rolls league.

Massive Twin-Turbocharged W12 (double V6) engine with 600hp, moves this moon-heavy 4 seater convertible to 62mph in only 4.5s. Perfect car for lazy and boring people, who occasionaly want to feel some excitment.

The car is for you if: you think normal Continental GT is not show-offy enough.

Price: 220 000$ (new)

Nissan GT-R ('07) racing Aston Martin DB9 ('03)

I saw this spectacular sight when driving 300 000$ Mercedes, from university. Unfortunately this Merc was a public bus. Anyway, White GT-R vs. Black Aston DB9, late at night, great speed though long straight, into the round-about, then pedal to the metal after. GT-R was winning by half a car, until they both disappered from my eyes.

Aston: 5.9L V12, 475hp, luxury beauty! My god, how this car looks! Slick, sporty and very elegant at the same time. Marvelous.

Nissan: 3.8L twin turbo V6, 480hp, japansese racing machine for suprisingly low amount of money. It lacks  sense of humor, but still it's one of my dream cars.

Price - GT-R: 90 000$ (US), 70 000 pounds (UK), 160 000$ (PL) - of course we get ripped off.
Price - DB9: 190-200 000$ (US), 130 000 pounds (UK), 300 000$ (PL) - fuck polish prices.

Total sum for today: 640 000$ (by average US prices)


  1. I think I would be taking the Jaguar, nothing else is aesthetically pleasing enough.

  2. I could see myself cruisin in that.

  3. That Cadillac is a seriously beautiful car