Friday, April 8, 2011

Exotic cars seen part 6 / Soz for the delay!

Yeah, 2 weeks being busy as fuck. Damn. But you'll get some more content. Book review, cars seen and something else - mysterious.

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 Volvo S40 R - It may look like an ordinary Volvo, but it isn't!
*2.5l T5 (210-230 KM)
*No more data (can't find my Clarkson book, where he reviewed it).

Volkswagen Golf R - Fastest Golf ever made, you can spot it by R badges and double, center placed exhaust.
* R4, 2.0l, DOHC engine producing 270 hp and 350Nm of torque.
* Won many awards for the best hot hatch of the year.
* 5.7 s to 61 mph

Honda S2000 - Suprisingly rare car. Quite a nice roadster. And good looking.
* 2.0l 16v VTEC, 240hp, 207Nm at 9200 RPM(!)
*Produced for 50 year anniversary of Honda.

Older version of Honda gets trashed.
BMW 750Li - BMW. Yes boring BMW.  But what would you say if I tell you what engine it's got?
*4.4l V8, with 2 turbochargers, 407hp and 600Nm of torque.
*5.3 s to 61 mph, 188mph top speed
*Younger brother of 760Li, which is even more exciting.

Watch the 750Li's older brother 760Li review by Top Gear

Ferrari F355 (GTS?) - Crown jewel in this part. One of the few properly looking Ferraris (forgot about it in my top 5). Second Ferrari seen. Altough I must say - it didn't sound like a V8.
*3.5l V8 DOHC, 380hp, 363Nm
*4.7s to 61mph, 295km/h top speed.