Monday, March 7, 2011

Album review n°2 - Baths - "Cerulean"

Baths. My recent find.
Baths is Will Wiesenfeld from USA. This is his first album, and suprisingly good I must say.

Cerulean (2010)

Genre: Hard to tell - electronic, anticon, glitch-hop. It consists of a mild electronic sounds, with some dubstep, indie and ambient sounds.
12 tracks
01. Apologetic Shoulder Blades
02. Lovely Bloodflow
03. Maximalist
04. Love
05. Animals
06. Rafting Starlit Everglades
07. Hall
08. You're My Excuse to Travel
09. Rain Smell
10. Indoorsy
11. Plea
12. Departure

Total: 43:15

Apologetic Shoulder Blades - Intro-like song, at least I treat it like that. Basicly it presents the album very nice. You get break-beats usual to whole album, beautiful woman (?) voice soothing your mind.

Lovely Bloodflow - One of the best songs and I think the most popular. Has an AMAZING clip (which you can see below). Due to quite hard hitting beat in some moments Lovely Bloodflow feels energetic, yet mysterious and dreamy. 

Maximalist - Chilling, but a little bit too monotonous. Has it's moments (1:51), but I can't call it anything special.

Love (♥)- Alongside with Lovely Bloodflow - my favorite song. Mainly because it's diffrent than others. This piano, with electronic oomph behind it! Excelent! For the best moment (1:57 - 2:02, so short but soo good) I give it:

Aminals - The girl at the start is cute, beat is impressive. But again - it's too monotonous sometimes :(

Rafting Starlit Everglades - Has a quite strong post rock feel to it - I really like that. Always good to hear some melancholic electronic music. Nothing moar tho.

Hall - Wierd, wierd, wierd. especially the start - that's a plus! Soft, but hearable breakbeat rythm, putting you in the trance. 

You're My Excuse to Travel - Nothing really new hear here, except of really catchy and atmospherous vocals. Pity it doesn't use some fancy beat and more wierd stuff, that would be great.

Rain Smell - This song is very repetitive. But, I don't find that revolting. Maybe because it's beautiful and I like beautiful things in all shapes and forms.

Indoorsy - Oh the wierdness again! I like this song very much actually. It's peaceful and then it's awesomly energetic and spine-tingling! Very, very cool! 

Plea - Classic guitar, nice vocals, exceptional mastering with heart is a recept for a good song. Trust me.

Depature - Hard to say anything about this song. I treat it as an outro. It's quiet and slowly paced. Not bad nonetheless.

Final thoughts: It really is a very good and solid album, especially for a young begginer . He needs to work a little bit on the subject of monotony (yes, I know all electronic music, it's always monotonous), sometimes it's not very good to hear. Also he needs to work on differing songs a little bit. Anyway, He did a really good job and along with Eskmo got mi into melancholic nature of dubstep and anticon.

Overall: 7,5/10 - I forsee you a great future.