Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I want to thank you for the support and nice, interesting comments. Here I want to point out that, I'll be moderating comments and deleting these stupid ones. Don't think I'll check your blog, just because you say "LOL" under a post. If you are constructive, I'll gladly visit your blog and I'll leave a comment if I feel like it and have some time.

See you soon in the Machinarium review or maybe in a small post about cars!


  1. awesome, keep at it. Sometimes I just crap out a new blog post and dont mind dumb/drivel responses...but when I really work on a post/rant do appreciate actual replies.

  2. im totally agreed w you, but something on some blogs i dont anything to say so i must say something stupid :D

  3. Well I don't mind funny-stupid comments, but I'll be moderating these out of topic ;)