Tuesday, November 16, 2010

5 best looking Audi's

BTW thanks for the love in the comments. <3

Audi TT / TTS / TTRS
Previous generation looked awful in my opinion - like a grown frog. But the new one actually looks very neat.


Audi Quattro
Probably best rally car ever (alongside with Lancia Delta Integrale)

Rally version

Audi Quattro 2010 Concept
I normally don't feature concepts, but Audi actually doesn't have many good looking car, so...But the concept looks incredible, hope it will be a worthy succesor for a legend above.

Audi S5 / RS5
It looks almost the same as the rest of Audi's. Almost. It's slimmer, agressive styled and with big wheels.

RS5. Grrr I'm mean!

Audi R8/ R8 Spyder
Great car, definitely the best looking Audi ever made. Hands down.