Saturday, September 25, 2010

Your favorite movie types, new poll and the next review

This week survey is over, not many people participated, but still thanks.
6 votes - Sci-fi / Fantasy
4 votes - Drama and Comedy
2 or 1 vote(s) - rest

Next poll is about my page design - do you like it? or is it meh. Share your opinion! It will be helpful.

Oh and before I reveal next review, Tesla mentioned me in her/his followers list (I know it's obvious, I follow - I'm mentioned - but it's nice of him/her to do such a list)

Check Tesla's blog under this link.

Bout next thing I'll write...

So I planned to watch "American History X" today and write review of it. Cause I love Edward Norton. But it seems my dad stolen my DVD and hidden it somewhere...

 Next thing what came to my mind, was Burial's album, which I'm listening right now - "Burial". But to review it properly I would have to focus, lye down in quiet. And I don't have much time.

And then I found a game in my desk - "Tzar - The Burden of a Crown" - it's an old strategy, RTS game (1999), known very little.

Looks like this.

So there you go. Nau - signing off for today.


  1. will listen album, will play game

  2. I actually have played Tzar xD I remember playing it with my neighbour back in the days xD Man... today there are so many nostalgia everywhere.

  3. I love horror movies, and also science-fiction and anime of course!!!! and yeah, I like your new design!

  4. Can't wait for the reviews.

    Love the new design as well. Continuing to follow and show my support.

  5. As I've said before, your blog is awesome.

  6. I need to watch American History X when I get 5 minutes to myself

  7. Thanks for the linkage Nau. I've already gotten about 10 viewers from your blog. I appreciate it man!

  8. American History X and dub 2-step artist Burial in one blog? You've stolen my heart. Truly. :)

  9. Cool ! YOu make a real blogger!

  10. Some of the best games ARE the older ones in my opinion.