Thursday, September 30, 2010

News from Paris Motor Show!

Wow there are some sick cars unvield in France. Paris Motor Show lasts from 2-17th October and already we got some great machines to look into!

Starting with Jaguar C-X75 - hyper car with 4 electric motors on each wheel, each one developing a power of 195 bhp, together - whooping 780bhp. It's very quick.

It's a spiritual heir of XJ220
Yeah this fella

And imo it looks oh so good, take a look:

Citroen GT back anyone? But imo even nice.

One thing I don't quite like are these small front lights.

Creative, but not overdesigned. Me likey.


Also more info on new Focus ST. 246bhp engine, less emissions, lower and hopefully a great car. Cause the last ST was little bit meh.
The looks are also improved. But I'm sceptical on the few things.

Wiide smile, maybe a little bit too wide.

I was I little bit worried about the light, but they are okay (overdone, but good). The exhaust pipe is meh however.


Last for this day and probably the most exciting for me - The new Lamborghini. Called Sesto Elemento (cool name), meaning Sixth Element - carbon fibre. This car is almost entirely made of it. That;s why it weighs only 999kg and has Gallardo engine - 562bhp, 2,5s to 100km/h.
They've changed Lambo's idea here - from big, powerful monsters to light quick and nimble bastards. But it's mad and I love it.

It's a Murcielago succesor. Hopefully a worthy one.

Shorter, but even more angry!
That's a Lamborghini's way to design.

Again, what's up with these small lights! I quite like them, but stll they look weird from some angles.

The interior needs some less madness, please. I prefer ROUND streering wheels.


  1. The lambo kind of reminds me of the Batmobile lol.

  2. that looks like a sweet ride

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  3. Lamborghini look sci-fi :) i prototype no!/

    look so good OMG:)

  4. I wish so high that i wake up one morning having a Lamborghini outside at the parkinglot!

  5. Why is your blog so fun to read? :)

  6. Nice, dream about one of those.

  7. remember this one from the NFS-series :>