Friday, August 27, 2010

Movie review nº1 - Fight Club

At first I wanted to explain what does my movie review consist of.
Besides the written description, which comes first (normal procedure), I will be doing some ratings (0-10 scale) on several important things, like script, dialogues, presentation and so on. And then finally, overveiw rating. (all with commentary).

Let's get this party started!

I don't know why did I choose "Fight Club" for my first review. It's the movie I saw accidently with my friend in some poor quality. But oh boy, it was one of the movies, I'll remember forever.

Movie made in 1999, as an adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk novel of the same title. Phycological Thriller, Drama.
Starring: Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Helena Bonham Carter
Director: David Fincher

"Fight Club" tells a story of a man (Edward Norton), who has a well payed job, but he's life is a monotony. Also he suffers from insomnia and claims to be waking up in various places and various time. One day, on a plane, he meets Tyler Durden, a person who seems to be completely different than him. Without spoiling the plot they become pretty good friends.

Script: 10/10 - it's the movies strongest point. The people, who didn't read the book, will be blown away by the story. And these who has, will also be blown away. Why? Because putting this story to a screen, without revealing the true meaning is EXTREMELY hard. You'll know why, when you watch it.

Dialogues: 9,5/10 - well written, well thought, deep. Made numerous famous quotes such as "His name was Robert Paulson". (rest can be found on imdb) - Whole movie is an big quote. I take away 0,5 point, because of weird feeling in few spoken sentences, you know how it is.

Actor's play: 9/10 - another strong point (like there's a weak one, huh?) Brad Pitt proves, that he's not only a sexy star, but also a very good actor. Norton on the same level. He's one of my favorite actors - partially because of that film ;) So hey, he must be good? H.Bonham Carter amazing as always. Other actors also very, very good (Meat Loaf - wow).

Music, Sound effects: 7,5/10 - was made by The Dust Brother, don't know much about them, but the music was very nice, have given an extra feel to the movie. Sound effects without any negative side, good.

Cinematography: 9/10 - very well shot film, the shots from certain location give more depth to it, like the last scene. (Cinematography by Jeff Cronenwerth)

Montage, Special effects: 9,5/10 - hopefully the special effects aren't exploding cars, flying over helicopters, while spinning with 3 passengers on board. They are subtle, having a special purpose, meaning. For example opening scene (with the title) suggesting what the movie is all about. And for 1999 they are pretty good quality too. The guys at montage did a really good job, I won't say much about it. Well, maybe...ekhm..penises.. ekhm.

Meaning, Feel, Depth: 10/10 - can't say much here, don't want to spoil. It's been interpreted many times, many different ways. The movie is deep and that deserves a slow handclap.

Overall: 9,5 - as awesome, as Tyler Durden's glasses.

The move is godly. It's enjoyable by everyone, even if only few can see through a meaning by him/herself (read: properly). All time classic, my favorite movie. Top10 on imdb says it all.


  1. I agree completely, one of my favorite movies. Have you ever seen Memento or The Machinist?

  2. Agree with the rating. One of the best movies of all time.

  3. Oh yes I've seen Memento, it's also very very good. Maybe I'll review it soon. The Machinist will be on my to-watch list.

  4. Spell check is a lifsavr.
    Cool review though, it's always interesting to see different opinions on movies.

  5. nice review, you clearly put some effort in